Bowsmith Non Clog Emitter 0.6 GPH Green

Bowsmith Non Clog Emitter 0.6 GPH Green

Bowsmith Non Clog Emitter 0.6 GPH Green

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The Bowsmith NonStop Emitter design, patented in 1974, is based on a simple unique principle found in no other emitter. This Pressure Cascade Principle permits the emitter to tolerate large amounts of suspended solids in irrigation water, without clogging and without the need for fine-mesh filter screens.

For over 40 years, millions of Bowsmith NonStop emitters have demonstrated that the unique NonStop Continuous Self-Cleaning Action (Pressure Cascade Principle) really works, even under conditions that would quickly clog ordinary emitters. With only 30-mesh filtration (recommended minimum), Bowsmith NonStop emitters have operated successfully with water containing heavy concentrations of sand, silt, iron bacteria “slime”, calcium carbonates, even algae and moss.

This Results In:

• Trees and plants being properly irrigated.
• Reduction in plant loss and stress.
• Less maintenance and lower labor costs
• Lower capital investment in filtration equipment.

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