Grove Bags TerpLoc Pouch with Window - 1 Pound

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Grove Bags TerpLoc Pouch with Window - 1 Pound

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Grove Bags TerpLoc® pouch with window at IGH Supply are designed specifically for cannabis, ensuring your product retains weight, deters mold, and maintains terpene integrity. Once sealed, theGrove Bags TerpLoc® pouch with window actively modulate gas and water vapor, establishing a 58-62% RH microclimate, minimizing oxidation, and blocking UV rays. Choose from opaque or windowed versions in various sizes to meet your preservation needs.

TerpLoc® pouches incorporate 6 key
elements of product protection: durability, odor protection, oxygen
diffusion, anti-static properties, humidity control, and UV protection.
When exposed to the moisture in your product, the TerpLoc® film is
activated, while its just-right permeability allows your product to cure
to its fullest potential, stay fresher during long term storage, and
save you from burping jars.

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