Next G3N Rolling Benches


  • Increase space by eliminating multiple aisles
  • Easily roll thousands of lbs side-to-side to create aisle
  • Available widths of 4’, 4.5’, 5’, and 6’
  • Custom lengths to meet your specific room size
  • Adjustable heights ranging from 10”-30” for preferred height and ability to slope for drainage
  • Pre-punched materials for easy assembly
  • Superior Strength: Tubular aluminum extruded siderail offers superior strength
  • Integrated side rail trellis with no aisle obstructions
  • Standard or Max Roll design to accommodate your desired aisle spacing
  • Available in floor-mounted v-track option for maximum aisle and canopy space
  • Optional 1” round diameter steel trellis poles in multiple lengths
  • USA Made: galvanized steel and aluminum made in the USA

Double Stack Rolling Benches

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