Apogee Telescopic Sensor Wand

Apogee Telescopic Sensor Wand

Apogee Telescopic Sensor Wand

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AM-310 TELESCOPIC SENSOR WAND - This telescopic wand contains a mounting fixture with two mounting holes to accommodate both Apogee Instruments’ narrower and wider diameter sensors. The wand is extendable from 8.5 to 33 inches (84 cm), allowing the user to measure photons of light in hard-to-reach places, such as over plant canopies and in corners of growth chambers, using Apogee sensors.

MEASURING PAR IS CRITICAL - Measuring the PAR levels of your grow lights is one of the most critical measurements in the precision growing of plants and other photosynthetic organisms in greenhouses, growth chambers, farms, gardens, and aquariums. Knowing the amount of PAR received affects decisions about all other growing parameters like water requirements, temperature, nutrient levels, CO2 levels, and more. The AM-310 wand makes measuring your PAR levels much easier.

ALTERNATE WAND - For taking measurements in freshwater or saltwater, we recommend our AM-320 water-submersible sensor wand to avoid corrosion.

MADE IN THE USA - All products are designed and built at our headquarters in Logan, Utah, USA. Apogee Instruments has been creating research-grade instruments for scientists and serious growers for over 25 years. All products are supported by our world-class, US-based customer support team.

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