Athena Blended Stack

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Athena Blended Stack

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Athena Feed Schedule

Experience the transformative power of nature with Athena Blended Stack at IGH SUPPLY. This expertly formulated natural plant nutrient, derived from kelp extract, is designed to foster robust growth and vibrant flowering in your plants, helping them achieve their full genetic potential.

Directions for Optimal Results:

  • Foliar Spray: Mix 7ml to a gallon of water, apply weekly with lights off, ensuring the solution dries before they're turned on again.
  • Irrigation: Perfectly safe and effective when used in irrigation systems.
  • Transplanting: Minimize stress and boost vigor by bare-root soaking for 30-60 seconds, or by watering with a 2ml per gallon solution post-transplanting.
  • Seed Treatment: A brief 1-2 minute soak of seeds in a 4ml per gallon mixture may lead to higher germination rates and stronger plant resilience.

Athena Blended Stack is specially crafted to be a fundamental part of your plant care routine, Stack ensures results all the way from the last week of vegetative growth to the first half of the flowering stage. With Athena Blended Stack, you're not just feeding your plants, you're empowering them to reach heights of vitality you've never seen before.


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