Athena Perafoam

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Athena Perafoam

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Meet Athena Perafoam - IGH SUPPLY's premium solution for pristine sanitation. Formulated to work flawlessly with Athena Reset, this high-foaming concentrate ensures your surfaces are not only clean but also disinfected. Whether you're dealing with low temperatures or hard water, Athena Perafoam performs with remarkable stability, and its optimized foam technology provides prolonged surface contact, leading to unmatched sanitation. Plus, it's Kosher certified and boasts a one-year shelf life.

  • Specially crafted for excellent pairing with Athena Reset to elevate hard surface cleaning.
  • Dispenses effortlessly, even in cooler climates as cold as 35°F (2°C).
  • Built to withstand hard water and maintain stability with oxidizers.
  • The advanced foaming formula ensures prolonged adherence to equipment and vertical surfaces, outshining traditional methods.
  • Convenience assured - no rinsing required post-application if used within recommended doses.

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