Athena Pro Line Grow Bag 25lb

Athena Pro Line Grow Bag 25lb

Athena Pro Line Grow Bag 25lb

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For cultivators who demand only the best for their crops, the Athena Pro Line Grow Bag 25lb offers unmatched quality in fostering vegetative growth. This large-grind, 100% soluble fertilizer blend is tailored for commercial use—guaranteeing a seamless irrigation process and robust foliage and roots development when used with Athena Pro Core. Boost your cultivation with crucial NPK, microelements, and a clean formula that minimizes heavy metals. IGH SUPPLY brings you a dependable solution that ensures no clogs or sediments, preserving the integrity of your irrigation systems.

Maximize the potential of your crops by following our nutrient preparation steps, and create a concentrated liquid that mixes perfectly in batch tanks. Our precise formula, including Potassium Phosphate and Magnesium Sulfate, is rigorously tested to meet the professional standards. Choose IGH SUPPLY's Athena Pro Line Grow Bag for a thriving grow cycle.

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