Athena Reset

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Athena Reset

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Ensure your cultivation and production facilities remain impeccably clean with Athena Reset Sanitizer, proudly offered by IGH SUPPLY. This EPA-registered formulation provides a multi-purpose solution for sanitizing and disinfecting, targeting a broad spectrum of microorganisms.

Utilizing the microbiocide power of peroxyacetic acid (PAA), Athena Reset Sanitizer excels in the control of bacteria, slime, odors, and algae. Whether applied through foaming or fogging methods, it furnishes high-level microbial suppression without compromising ease of use.

Athena Reset's food-grade status assures safety and efficacy in bottle and filler sanitization across all facility areas. In addition, its biofilm-penetrating ability enhances the maintenance of ultrafiltration and reverse osmosis water systems, as well as greenhouse wet walls.

Key Benefits:

  • Effectively disperses and penetrates biofilms
  • Enables a swift bactericide and fungicide response
  • Maintains efficacy irrespective of water hardness or present soil
  • Coexists with water systems without creating foam (compatible with Athena Perafoam)
  • Neutral impact on taste, odor, and color
  • Facilitates a no-rinse cleaning process
  • Avoids the formation of harmful disinfection byproducts
  • Degrades naturally into harmless substances - carbon dioxide and water
  • Material-friendly, safeguarding stainless steel and aluminum surfaces
  • Easy-to-dispense liquid formulation

Recommended Applications:

  • Hard, non-porous surface cleaning such as walls, floors, and benches
  • Sterilization of irrigation and extraction equipment
  • Upkeep of high-hygiene areas like dry rooms, trim rooms, and locker facilities
  • Cleaning of frequently used tools, racking, shelves, and containers

Safety Note:
As Athena Reset Sanitizer is a potent chemical agent, appropriate PPE must be worn during application and handling as per the guidelines.

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