Montana Sulfur - 90 Organic Sulfur 50lb

Montana Sulfur - 90 Organic Sulfur 50lb
Montana Sulfur - 90 Organic Sulfur 50lb

Montana Sulfur - 90 Organic Sulfur 50lb

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Organic Sulphur 0-0-0-90 is the farmer's top choice for balancing alkaline soils, especially when the soil pH creeps above 7.0, more so above 8. Curated in prilled (pelletized) format, this product excels in addressing high sodium and lime concentrations (above 1.0%).

Why does pH matter? High pH soils hold back essential nutrients from crops. Enter TIGER 90CR, a prilled dynamo, with thousands of micro sulfur particles per granule. Enhanced with Bentonite clay, it promises a time-release formula, ensuring prolonged soil betterment. Proudly, it's OMRI Listed.

Key Benefits:

  •  Cost-Effective Acidification: Efficiently neutralizes alkaline soil.
  •  Crop-Friendly: Particularly benefits high sulfur-reliant crops such as oil seeds and legumes.
  •  Sodium Leaching: Bids farewell to problematic soil sodium.
  •  Sustained Release: Supplies sulfur all through the growing season.
  •  Boosts Microbial Activity: Acidifies root zones, supporting microbial flourish.

When sulfur goes to work, it reacts with soil's free lime, enriching it with gypsum (calcium-rich) while ensuring sodium's removal through watering. As soil's little helpers, microorganisms, oxidize this elemental sulfur, they produce sulfuric acid. This step-by-step acid creation lowers pH, supports beneficial fungal and bacterial growth, and enhances the soil’s health. Such activities enrich the soil, dodge crusting, amplify nutrient presence, and address sodium-related issues like poor aeration and water absorption.

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