Can-Lite Filter Mini 6" X 16" - 420 CFM

metal filter with white cloth prefilter

Can-Lite Filter Mini 6" X 16" - 420 CFM

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Breathe easier and enjoy a cleaner air experience with the Can-Lite Filter Mini 6" X 16" - 420 CFM. Sourced from premium Australian carbon and expertly crafted with a focus on durability, this filter ensures optimal airflow and impurity removal in any setting. Designed with an integrated flange and boasting a 51% open perforation, our lightweight and long-lasting Can-Lite filter is the ideal solution for maintaining fresh and clear air in your space. Available exclusively at IGH SUPPLY, get your hands on simplicity and efficiency with each use. The Can-Lite filter Mini 6" X 16" is perfect for a range of applications, from hydroponic setups to indoor air quality improvement and the Can-Lite Filter Mini 6" X 16" empowers you to take control of your air quality. Indoor air has never been so pure!

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