Cool Tube 6" Reflector

Cool Tube 6" Reflector
Cool Tube 6" Reflector

Cool Tube 6" Reflector

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This 6" Cool Tube Reflector can be mounted vertically or horizontally with or without the insert and wing. It is 24" long and the wings can be adjusted to perfectly fit the pattern you are looking for. This is one of the longest Cool Tubes units on the market. When comparing competitors units, make sure to check the length, many 19" units are being sold that use cheaper components and glass.
This reflector was manufactured using polished and textured German Aluminium which has a reflectivity rating of 95%. The tempered glass tube is very durable and there are twin 6" aluminium flanges on both sides of the glass tube. This allows you to connect duct work to vent air from outside your grow, pass the air over the bulb, and vent the air back outside your grow room. Only the heated air from the bulb is removed. Perfect for grow rooms using CO2. and pull cool air over the bulb. It greatly reduces the heat going to your grow. The reflector comes with our industrial 15' lamp cord and socket which is compatible with all size HPS/MH bulbs. The connector is the standard Universal Type, Compatible with most major ballast brands.

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