Hortonova Trellis 59" x 3280'

Hortonova Trellis  59" x 3280'

Hortonova Trellis 59" x 3280'

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Hortonova Crop Support Trellis is a strong versatile polypropylene mesh specially designed for efficient and economical cultivation of vegetables, fruits and flowers. Using Hortonova as a trellis allows climbing plants like beans, cucumbers and others to have greater exposure to sun and air while keeping them off the ground, which helps reduce rot and disease. Horizontal use keeps tomatoes, flowers and other non-climbing plants growing straight while maintaining optimal separation between the plants.

  • Reduces installation labor costs
  • Inexpensive, rot, and rust proof
  • Provides better exposure to light and air
  • Aseptic, reducing pesticide costs
  • Resistant to U.V. rays
  • Maximizes cultivation density
  • Results in high crop yields

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