Ocean Solutions 2-0-3, 2.5 Gallon

Ocean Solutions 2-0-3, 2.5 Gallon

Ocean Solutions 2-0-3, 2.5 Gallon

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OceanSolution™ 2-0-3 is a liquid organic fertilizer that brings natural fertility to the next level. Made from OS PURE and added (naturally sourced/ OMRI listed) Nitrogen and Potassium, this product allows your plants to readily absorb more micro and macro nutrients for a boost in growth, health and nutrition. It also restores depleted soils with a release of vital nutrients our soils have lost over the years! This delivers more macro nutrients to your plants instantly for healthier plants and soil. Great for hydroponic growing too! No stains or clogging of systems. OS 2-0-3 is OMRI listed for organic use!

Directions of Use: Stir or Shake Well. Mix one ounce of OS 2-0-3™ with one gallon of filtered water and apply to leaves or roots. Re treat every 7-10 days!

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