ProKure V - 0.17oz Liquid Mold/Mildew Eliminator - Add Water 1 Gallon

ProKure V - 0.17oz Liquid Mold/Mildew Eliminator - Add Water 1 Gallon

ProKure V - 0.17oz Liquid Mold/Mildew Eliminator - Add Water 1 Gallon

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Helping you maintain a stable grow environment

As a cultivator, maintaining a consistent grow environment is critical. Thankfully, ProKure products can address a wide range of the most common cultivator issues, depending on the product series and ClO2 concentration levels.

Prokure V is a Liquid Mold and Mildew Eliminator

For most cultivators, it is a constant battle against mold and mildew. Realistically, grow environments and facilities set up the perfect conditions for mold and mildew to thrive - relatively high heat and humidity along with organic material. Our ProKure V product line is an EPA-registered, pharmaceutical-grade disinfectant/fungicide/ sanitizer/tuberculocide that kills mold and mildew with no residue and no rinse required. ProKure V uses innovative, cutting-edge ClO2 technology to disinfect, sanitize and deodorize all hard, non-porous surfaces.

Features of Prokure

  • Kills Mold & Mildew
  • Controls spoilage microorganisms on raw agricultural commodities (RACs)
  • Extends shelf-life of fruits and vegetables
  • Controls and inhibits the build-up of microbes in water used to process fruits and vegetables
  • Controls and reduces microbial populations in non-potable water
  • Suitable for use with plants in the room.
  • Spray directly onto surface to be treated.
  • No rinse required.
  • Suitable to use daily.
  • Agitate and allow one hour before use to ensure solution reached full strength.
  • For use on hard, non-porous surfaces (stainless steel, glass, vinyl, PVC, polypropylene, etc.)
  • Keep unused formula in a closed or sealed container in a cool, dark location that is not subject to any sunlight. Record activation date onto the container. Used stood formula within 15 days of activation.
  • To disinfect hard, non-porous surfaces, ProKure V must be used with an exposure time of 10 minutes at 100 ppm.

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